VaniLla CusTard

VaniLla CusTard
May 5, 2011 CuteCoco

It’s been so long since my last custard got into my digestion. Probably five or six years ago, back then when I was in India. A friend of mine made it one day (yes, it was a home made custard) and it was delicious, though I could not recall much regarding the taste. The fact that I did not throw up or got food poisoning should be the reason that it must have been good.

Three days ago a friendly old man gave it to me…well actually to my son, K, who suspiciously run toward me and hided behind my back leaving me apologetically smiled and (tried to refuse at first) finally accepted the thing he was insisting to give.

I did not pay any attention at first untill we reached home. My husband thought it was indian yoghurt (the old man looked like an Indian). He told K that it was probably mommy’s favourite Indian yoghurt (yes, I LOVE raita!). But, of course, it wasn’t. I think it was one the most delicious vanilla custard I have ever tasted. Okay..okay, it was the first vanilla custard I have tasted because I could not remember what kind of custard my friend made for me back then.

It has yellowish creammy texture, looked like a mustard. For a second my husband also thought it was a mustard. As I put a teaspoon of the cream into my mouth, it rest a bit on my tongue before dissolving gently sliding through my throat. A sensation was created as if I was enjoying it with a piece of chocolate pudding. I fell in love.

The very next day, we visited the supermarket in the neighbourhood and I bought three cups. Within one night everything was vanished. Disappearing deliciously into K, A and my digestion.

Will I have some more? Oh yeah..sure I will. It only Dhs. 1/cup afterall!

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