In My Grocery Today

In My Grocery Today
May 11, 2011 CuteCoco

After a slow start this morning, our spirit finally kicked in as we hit the mall in the afternoon. Mainly shopped for some souvenirs to bring it to our family on this summer vacation, however I managed to squeeze in some extras on my groceries.

These are actually bought on my cousin's request but now I am planning to get one for myself

I am actually on a tight budget these days but I guess, for a woman, an empty blush-on container means emergency, right?

I chose the least expensive one to compromise my budget. Normally I go for the one with several colour degradation which I love it because it gives great impact on the apple of my cheek with just a thin layer of it. Very natural.

Guess what? These candies were actually my husband's request!

...and finally, this little 'guy' here who had given us the deliciously spiciness over our fries and burger

Have a great day everyone!

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