My Secret Weapon: CLING WRAP

My Secret Weapon: CLING WRAP
May 6, 2011 CuteCoco

Apart from Lock & Lock, I used to rely on zip bags to take care my leftover foods. Well, the Lock & Lock compartments are still there but I have ditched the zipbag and gone for something better (I think!).
I started using cling wraper about a month ago, when I had to ditch my last zip bags into the garbage bin because the zip was not working anymore. Nevertheless, I did not find it too useful anyway.

First of all, we are not heavy eaters. So I don’t cook big portions all the time. It is very rare to find leftover foods to fill my Lock & Lock compartments. But the most important thing is the fresh ingredients.

You see, as I don’t cook in large portion size many of times I only use half of onion, or one forth of the lime. My zip bags were too big for one onion half and one three forth lime. If I had to keep different size of zip bag, then the whole of thing did not serve any of the purpose which was saving.

So now that I have moved to the wraper, I feel so glad to roll the half onion in that plastic sheet. Pull it tightly, wrap it properly and just stack it in my fridge. Whenever I need some of it, I just unwrap it, take some and wrap it again. No hassle.

I like my cling wrap. It obviously reduces my wastage.

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