A Simple Fried Rice

A Simple Fried Rice
May 14, 2011 CuteCoco

This fried rice is so simple, it does not need a rocket science to figure out the recipe or the process of cooking. Kindly note that this is my first time cooking fried rice using Sweet Soya Sauce. I normally make the chinese ones. The reason why I don’t like using the soya sauce is because I always fail to mix it well in the rice. But this time, I think I pretty nailed it!

Half red onion (medium), chopped
3 clove of garlics, chopped
8 pcs cocktail chicken sausages , cut in rounded shape
2 pcs of egg, scrambled separately
1 Spring onion, chopped
2 pcs cherry tomato, sliced in wedges
3 serving spoon of steam rice (better to use yesterday’s rice left in refrigerator)
75 ml Sweet soya sauce (to taste)
Oil for cooking
Salt to taste
A dash of sugar
Half chicken stock cube

Cooking Process:
1. Heat the oil in a pan. Add onion, toss until soft. Add garlic, toss.
2. Add cherry tomato. Toss until soft.
3. Add the spring onion, chicken stock. Toss until mixed.
4. Add the sausages.
5. Once the sausages cooked, add the scramble egg. Toss.
6. Add salt and sugar, mixed well.
7. Add rice and soya sauce.
8. Toss everything until mixed well.
9. Serve

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