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For years of it’s existance, Lombok island has been always overshadowed by it’s world famous sister island, Bali. The situation was even worst when a riot rooted from religious beliefs and tribes occured ten years ago. It has made this island sinking to the very bottom of world tourism map. Many hotels and restaurants shut their business because of this unfortunate circumstances.

But that was years ago. Today, Lombok is one of the most exotic island in the world that is more than ready to welcome it’s guests. It is believed that Lombok today resembles Bali island twenty years ago and for that matter, it surely has a lot to offer from the naturally beauty marine lives to the lovely landscap with mountaineous, hills and forests. Comes in between is it’s unique culture, interesting local living style and traditional handicrafts.

Senggigi is one the most popular touristic site in the island. Most of hotels and restaurants are located in this beautiful coastal side. It is where the night life happening. You can start with a nice proper dinner while listening to some live music by the local band performance and then hit the clubs around the area. The night is old when the clock is ticking on 4 a.m. That is when most clubs end their happenings for the night.

Traditional villages and some local markets stretches from the South to North. Dusun Segenter is one of the village that still content it’s original housing shape. Beautiful lush beaches, some are virgin, lay around the island with different type of sand on each area. One which is very famous is Kuta beach whose sand are like pepper ground.

You have not been in Lombok yet if you have not visited the Gili Islands, a three small islands which is sort of Lombok’s signature place. There are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The later is the biggest amongst the three and has the most crowds too. Full moon party is a delicious temptation that would be a wasted if it is not attended while you are there. The Gilis are also known as one of the best diving spot that is rich with variety of fish and colorful coral reefs. When you are lucky, you may also meet and greet with the turtles!

And of course, something to bring home. Handicraft from clay, mother of pearls, pearls and woven material are Lombok’s particular gifts. You can not leave without any of them. Banyumulek and Sukarara are handicraft and woven villages, whilst pearl shops are centralised in Sekar Bela area, in Mataram – the city.

Now that you get a glitch of idea, Lombok surely can be one of your next holiday destination. Spread the news, will ya?!!…

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