10 DOs and DON’Ts iN FasHion n StyLe

10 DOs and DON’Ts iN FasHion n StyLe
December 6, 2010 CuteCoco

1. DON’T ever leave your door in your Pj. It should be kept for your beddie and not for the public. Don’t damage someone’s sight with your look. Even going to a fish market as the reason can not justify the look.

2. DO apply moisturizer, compact/loose powder and lip gloss at the least whenever you are outside. Going on nudecolor is sexy, but going pale for not applying anything at all is sick-y.

3. DON’T put red, green and blue in one go on your face, unless you are performing…in a circus.

4. DO wear a best-fitted dress that compliment your body shape. Oversized clothing is really outdated and too small to wear is so elementary school when you are a grown up.

5. DON’T go mad covering your entire body with jeans by wearing the jacket, the pants and even the bag altogether. That much fabric better stay in the jeans store and not on your body.

6. DO exercises to remove the extra baggage. Diet to starve is only a one way to the hospital and not to the healthy life.

7. DON’T forget to remove the worn off nail polish. Chipped nail polish is surely looked cheap.

8. DON’T show your underwear to anyone. It is for someone special only. A popping panty or bra is really grossy.

9. DO stay sober upon  partying. High for alcohol or drug, and throw up when you drunk is a big NO – NO.

10. DO color your hair with down to earth tone: brown, dark, mahogany. With colorfull hair, you will get mistaken over a parrot.

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  1. Girliemom 9 years ago

    Luv this. SO FUNNY

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