November 27, 2010 CuteCoco

I got this recipe from Chef Bara’s Gula Gula show months ago (could not recall the time when it was on air). I made a little bit modification based on what was available in the fridge.


1 Silk Tofu cut into small squares

1 cucumber, take out the seed cut on match box shape

1 carrot, cut on match box shape


3 tbsp Salted Soya sauce

1 Cup of water

2 tsp Sugar

4 tsp Ground ginger

4 Red chilli, cut thinly

Mix the dressing ingredient in a bowl.

(Double the dressing, one batch is to marinate the tofu)


1. Marinate the tofu with one batch of dressing for at least 30 minutes.

2. Deep fried the tofu until brown, simmer. Put aside.

3. Heat one tbsp of Sunflower oil, put the cucumber and carrot, toss until cooked. Do not overcook, they should stil a little bit firm and crunchy. While tossing, pour the dressing using table spoon just as enough.

4. Arrange the cucumber and carrot in a dinner plate, sprinkle the tofu on the top and again pour the dressing using table spoon into it just as enough.

5. Smile and enjoy!






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