A Nice “Musical” Break

A Nice “Musical” Break
November 28, 2010 CuteCoco

I just watched the Final Countdown 90’s Song on Vh1. It was good to listen all those song and have some memories popping up in my head. The countdown stretched from early 90s to the latest ones on 1999. Je-Lo came in between with her “If You Had My Love”. She was slimmer back then.

Robbie Williams on Freedom looked soooo young. Not even a wrinkle hanging on his youthly skin compared to his current clip “Shame”.

When “Smell Like Teen Spirit” came, I could not stop thinking how was Kurt Cobain feeling at the time he made that video. Did he know that he would die young?…

Could not stop laughing when Phil Collins and friends, Genesis, acted funnily on I Can’t Dance. I did not think it was funny, though, back then in that year.

R.E.M on Loosing My Religion…I just found out that it was launched on 1992. I thought it was much after. So I guess I was the “outdated” then.

One of my favorite, Under The Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers brought back Anthony Kiedis to my attention. He had a long black hair, which was not really great because I think he looked so much fresher in a short hair. How is he doing nowadays?…how is RCHP doing these days??…

Gun’s n Roses November Rain interlude really..really…B E A U T I F U L!!!…

So many more that was played…make me realised how much I am missing a beautiful melody comes in harmony to create wonderful and listen-able music. It was such a nice break from the monotonic computerized one which has the same rythim over and over again. Call me old..or odd..or anything…but I am really sorry to say this….Computer is not a musical instrument… ^_^V

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