How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Work

Exhausting. That pretty much sums up my entire first week at new work place. Despite the work load is still light (being a new kid on the block) somehow I still feel very tired once I am back at home. Maybe it’s because I have to play role to be the kids ‘teacher’ after work, or maybe because the landscape is not so shoes-friendly, or perhaps it’s just that I am simply getting old. Whatever it is I am feeling it.

The worst thing was my brand new shoes was broken!

I am sure you still remember how I despised flats for work. Hence I do insist to still wear heels although I have to walk up and down to go to and from my office every day. Not to mention the long road I have to take between one office to another, or between one property to another. Of course cheap shoes like mine even though they are new, they won’t survive the pressure. I just didn’t think they would give up so quickly. Ough.




Oh well I guess lesson learned. Here’s a list of couple of thing to keep in mind when you are buying a pair of shoes for work:

1. The company dress code

Some companies give you a dress code along with dos and don’ts. Some will make you wear uniform. When you know which type your company is then it is easier for you to decide what kind of shoes you need to wear. If the dress code is formal then a sophisticated black heels would be excellent to pair with your pencil skirt. If it is a uniform, please go by the color.

2. The nature of work

What kind of work you will be doing? Is it a desk job or a field job? If your work needs you to sit tight at your desk in front of a computer wearing a gorgeous high heels is highly recommended. Also when you need to meet a lot of clients, making a great first impression is important. Hence your look is almost everything. If you need to move all the time, walk a long way or something that involves physical movement so much you may want to wear something comfortable. In this case I think flats serve the purpose more.

3. The work environment

Obviously working in a corporate environment would be different with working in a resort. Or working at the bank would be different with working at a club. Then you need to adjust the type of shoes you are going to wear.


Bottom line is the shoes that you wear have to be comfortable and not the one that will break your leg at the end of the day :)

Oh oh another thing that helps a lot especially if you are like me who live in a remote island, or if you are just simply too busy to go shopping, buy your shoes online is the best option. You can choose whichever shoes you want just by sitting in front of your computer. If you are browsing around with your mobile you can even shop while you sleep ha!

Do you have anything in mind to add on how to choose the perfect shoes for work?

Back to Work Essentials

I am going back to work tomorrow at the new place in a new job. You could think I am so excited but the truth is I am a little bit nervous. This is the second job I had after the long break I took due to being dutifully traveling wife. I still am a traveling wife but since we are now in our home country opportunities are more open for me to grab.

I believe I am not the only mom here on earth that has to suppress the nerve of going back to work. Admit it, it does sound creepy right? To meet a new set of people, new boss, new environment, new of everything. Next time I am going to share with you how to write a gorgeous resume that will work effectively to land you a first job after long hiatus. But before that do check these back to work essentials!

Back to work essentials are like the tools to hold on to, the things that make me confident to start the day. It’s like the magic wand that I could swing to make everything better.

Back to work essentials

On your first day you want to leave a good impression right? I know I would. So dress up to the nine is highly recommended. Wear the best watch, put on your sunglasses on a sunny day, wear your heels and carry your favorite bag. Wear your make up subtly enough to make your face and skin glow, spray the lovely fragrant to your body and then my most favorite items of all: cute agenda and a lucky pen.

Of course the most important thing of all is to remember to wear your confidence. At the end of the day that is what that matters.


Starting New Healthier Habits

It was 7.20 AM when I got out for my morning exercise. The road was so quiet all I could hear was the sound of nature. I enjoyed the quietness as I slowly began my run. Chirping birds were accompanying me along the way. Super peaceful.

I am glad that we are in the middle of no where, surrounded by trees, the beach with no car and hilly grounds. Every thing here pushes me to start new healthier habits and I don’t mind with that. So after one whole round I stopped by at the local market (the only one here) and bought a lot of veggies. I am determined to redo my diet too!

Last night I went to Dear Crissy and enjoyed reading how she deals with her Diet Coke addiction. She suspected that her weight gain had probably something to do with the addiction. I was like, wow I am having the same problem too. Only in my case, the addiction was the canned/pre-packaged coffee.

I recall my weight gain was so dramatic every since we reached Medan. By that time I was so addicted to the canned coffee that in worst days I could take three or four a day. Did you know how many sugar and carbs in one can? Oh My!

So now I am trying really hard not to buy any of those anymore and change with just normal coffee home made with only a drop of low fat milk. One cup a day. Every time I am turning into a small store thinking to buy one can I strongly change my mind and go for a bottle of mineral water instead.

It’s a long battle I can see but the hope is always there and I will never give up.

I am also still squeezing my love of detox water and today I made these little cut banana in sprinkles for K and little A.


Banana Sprinkle

Are you starting new healthier habits too?

Style to Work: Energetic

I can’t understand people wearing flats to work. I really can’t. Those who work from home are the luckiest ones because they get to wear anything (or nothing) and that would be just fine. But people who go to work everyday in a nice office, good building and especially in a corporate environment I’d say flat shoes are big N O.

I have seen a group of people off for work only in their worn flat shoes, even flip flop! It really hurts my eyes. I think when you work outside your house, or when you’re meeting a client your look sends more messages at first impression. But with all my love of heels in my new job (which I am about to start in two days!) I have to shorten my heels a bit.

It is a resort with hilly grounds. Last time when I went there for uniform fitting I was wearing my 12″ heels and the woman who took me around asked whether I intended to wear a shorter pair of shoes once I started to work. I immediately said I did and soon drew a plan in my head to buy one. I was surprised I didn’t break my leg that day :P

heels down

Since I am back in uniform again, which I am definitely not crazy about, I decided to visit my long-abandoned Polyvore to work on something stylish to wear for work. At least if I can’t wear it I can try to put them together and just imagine I am wearing them now.

Yellow glam


Pink to work


Work with pointy red


Tell me which is your favorite?


The Easy Recipe to Lose Weight

It has been shitty days I must tell you not that I am complaining about our gorgeous new surroundings but the feeling of being unsettled is crawling again on my mind and I felt uncertain about a lot of things. Particularly about starting the new job.

While I am sure it is going to be exciting and I am already thrilled with how much experience I will gather with the company, the situation with the kids school is still not done. The school nearby couldn’t supply with a capable teacher to help K and little A study their material from their current school so I still have to search for a tutor, already got the potential ones for Mandarin and Abacus. On top of that our nanny hasn’t been feeling very well this past two days. If she quits then it will give me a lot of headaches and so the shitty days are likely to continue because I will start to work by 1st of April.

Talking about work, I went for uniform fitting couple of days ago and guess what?! No trousers could fit me!! OMG I had never been that XL girl (still not but feels like one) but now my weight had me cross over. I need to lose my weight ASAP!

So I put on a brave face today and went for a jog. Was grateful for the view along the way:

jogging view

Once home I searched for some weight-loss easy recipe to help me out.

I think the Turkey Avocado Wrap from USAtoday old post will surely help but I am going to change the turkey with chicken and the tortilla with a white bread. With a little twist, I am going to make mine like this:

1 white bread

1/2 avocado chop

2.5 oz chicken breast

1 cup spinach

1 medium nectarine or maybe orange

Image source:

Image source:

The Broccoli feta omelete and Chocolate dip banana bite from are also gonna do fine for me.

See more on my Weight Loss Journey Pin Board as I continue to seek (and practice!) the effort to lose weight!

Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s been going on via social media, Facebook in particular and I have been joining the ride too since morning by posting it on my Facebook, instagram and twitter. But I think if I don’t post it here it would be incomplete. Hence here it is. The make up free selfie picture to help the campaign of raising the breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Will you  post yours too and put the link on the comment below so I can visit and share it to my networks as well?

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