A lengthy self contemplation has been pulling my brain for the past few weeks. I have been tracking down my memory lane only to find that actually my childhood and teenage dreams are all fulfilled. I feel so much loved by God and this is my gratitude.

Do realize that sometimes people won’t be at the same page with you. That people may laugh at your dream, or worst, do whatever it takes to take it away from you. Sometimes working on your dream sounds so impossible and there would be days or nights when you would hide because you are so worried that the joke is on you.


But I believe that living my dream is thousand times more rewarding than sitting a high position in a big company. October hasn’t been a good month for me and to tell you the truth, I have anticipated a chaotic closure to 2014.

Yet, somehow I think God is working on His greatness once again, rolling out the red carpet to path my way toward achieving my dream. Despite the humps and bumps I have thrown myself to embrace the pathway and there should be no looking back.

Ladies, I am about to push another restart button at my life. This time, I hope it would be the beginning to forever.



Multitasking. A word that carries a huge meaning to me as a professional and to me as a mom. Let me take you back to my early career days in a luxury 5 stars resort overlooking a department of more less 17 people and multitasking was our “religion”.

A staff was expected to be able to do a cocktail of tasks and must excel in any of them. It wasn’t too much really. At least we could handle that in 12 hours of our day.

But multitasking in a mom’s world takes a whole new dimension and the game is higher. No degree at any level is needed to master this yet no one can really master the job. To be honest I am pretty sure none of us actually know what we are doing ha ha…

Tell me, who hasn’t tried to fry the chicken while reheating last night soup and listening to the sound of washing machine spinning the laundry?
Who hasn’t tried to iron the clean clothes while watching tv and at the same time tried to attend to a thirsty 3 years old?
Who hasn’t tried to sauté the veggies for lunch box, while preparing milk and toast for breakfast and waking up the sleeping kids for school? – this is my morning chaos btw! (Sometimes it was pasta instead of veggies).
And who hasn’t worked hard to pay attention to husband’s rant about his work while trying to open a candy wrapper and listening to the other boy trying to make you to listen to his new song from school?

Looking back I still cannot believe I can do all that. I get tired just to think of those tasks!


This week I feel my energy is exhausted and I am drained out. My mom is back to Jakarta to attend my cousin’s wedding, we don’t have a nanny (the new one cancelled within few days of my mom’s departure). Though I was granted 2 weeks leave I know I need to work on some urgent projects. Balancing the work, the morning mess, the blog, the laundry, the exercise, the kitchen and the TV (duh I need to relax too!) has become quite daunting.

..and then, to add some salts to the wound, our driver who has been helping us drop and pick up the kids just quit.

Oh multitasking…

10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone You Just Knew

I am gonna be honest. I am not quite an expert in making new friends. Yes I am cheerful, yes I am always full of spirit, yes I try my best to keep positivity around me. But when I have to be in a room with a new face, I hardly be the one who make the first move.

On the other hand, I truly believe that a friendship is a precious investment in life. Wherever I am I love it when I finally have a new friend to share our daily story, no matter how small and unimportant it is. I try to invest at least one good friend, someone who will still be there even though we have been long gone on our separate ways. The one who will instantly connect the moment we meet again after long time.


Of course investing in a friendship takes both sides. However for a start, these are the 10 things you should never say to someone you just knew if you want the new ship last longer:

1. “I hate children!” after you knew that she/he has one, two, three or more adorable kids. Don’t even wonder, afterwards, why you are never invited to their parties.

2. “Oh I am always pampered. They brings me food, drinks, they take care of me always. I am that Ah-Ma-Zing!”. Really? Seriously?

3. “No, the city is not quiet. In my room we always have a party”. So your room is the city? What are you trying to say?

4. “Look at me! I am fabulous am I?”. Oh God! -_-’

5. “Yeah I need to go to the gym and tone my body more. Look at this ugly tummy” while pointing to your flat tummy, insensitively dismissing a fact that the person you talk to has tummy look like a 5 month prego.

6. “Hmm.. I just don’t like to hang out. I am only child so I don’t like to share”. Ok.

7. “How much is your salary?”. A super sensitive topic.

8. “Your husband is really my type”. Err….

9. “Listen please!..listen!” and then you repeat the same story.

10. “OH EM GEE you must know this…” and start to gossip. Once or twice it’s probably nice, but if you do that too often people will start thinking that soon or later they will be the one in your topic of the day.


Let’s add some more to the list!

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Halloween Ideas for Moms 2014

I can’t believe it’s already October! In three months time we will bid 2014 a fond farewell and I can smell the festive spirit from around the corner. As a mom I guess the one that really gets me excited is the chance to dress up the kids into funny or exciting costumes for their school’s Halloween party. Though, I am not really sure whether their new school will be celebrating Halloween.

Nevermind, let’s fill up your head with some ideas for Halloween 2014!

Cutie treats for kids

cupcake halloween treats


Rocking it with Jack-o-totem




Spooky decorations? A must!


Couple costume

couple costumes

What are you doing for Halloween? Link up your post on below comment!

CuteCoconut Kids: Let’s be playful!

It is always fun to watch the kids play, sing and laugh. Seems like the whole world is nothing but joy and for a moment life pauses. I like that feeling. Wish for it to stay longer, before the troubles from adult life hit back.





Arnold Palmer Kids shirt | Guess kids jeans | unbranded shoes | little A’s fave excavator


Top 20 Overwhelming Questions Your Kids Can Shoot You With

When K was at very young age (probably just passed 2 yrso) he once peed on the sofa. I told him “next time please don’t pee over here!”. And he, with his innocent eyes, walked to the other side of the sofa and asked seriously “here can mommy?”.


Now he’s 6 and his list of overwhelming questions are growing unstoppable to which I occasionally give totally random answer (ha ha..I know, don’t judge and don’t try this at home okay!!). So I am listing down to at least top 20 overwhelming questions that he loves to shoot me with wherever whenever:

1. Mommy, why motorbikes don’t have a top? why cars have?

2. Why motorbikes don’t have wipers?

3. Why cars need wipers?

4. What happen if a car doesn’t have wipers?

5. Why you need to use wipers when it rains? does airplane have wipers?

6. Why there are houses down there?

7. What’s souvenir?

8. Why is that boy walking on the street?

9. Did he ask his mommy before leaving?

10. Did his mommy allow him to walk alone?

11. Where are they going with the bike?

12. Why they ride a bike on a busy street?

13. Do you think their mommy will scold them for riding a bike on a busy street?

14. Why spiderman wears a mask?

15. Why superman doesn’t wear a mask?

16. Why you always know everything?

17. Do  you know my friend’s house?

18. Why is that man naked?

19. Why are you wearing diaper? (he saw me placing a woman pad on my undies)

20. Why you have boobs?

Add on to my list your kids’ overwhelming questions, let me feel good to know that I am not the only one who’s overwhelmed by these series of never-ending questions. - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin

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