Kids Style Army Look

K and little A have their own fashion sense these days. I have decided to start featuring what their style look like on this blog from time to time. Here’s the first one :)






Outfit: Grandma’s buy..yes the entire thing including the shoes haha!

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Weekend in Singapore: A Birthday Trip

On Friday night we decided to treat the kids with a day trip to Singapore. K’s birthday is on Monday the following week so we took this as a birthday trip for him.

After considering few options our choice fell on Science Center. A friend told me about the place and I thought it would be fun for the kids. It was indeed.

One of the things that the kids love the most about visiting Singapore is the transportation. They love taking buses and riding on an MRT. I love the walk. Taking a taxi is the last option. Hence Singapore trips are always full of entertainment for them; begin with a favorite ride (bus and MRT), enjoy the activities (this time was the Science Center) and end up with a new toy. Oh, not to mention the ferry ride is also exciting for them.



Science Center offers a lot of attractions on which the kids can get their hands on. It divides the section into different halls featuring marine life, robot zoo, and many more. An exhibition of Human Body was taking place when we were there.

Basically what happens at Human Body is that you enter the venue through a giant mouth as if you were a food. As a food you would slide down through the throat all the way down passing by the lung, the heart, to the intestine, and end up at the rectum where you would come out from as if you were a poop. I totally liked the idea but the place was so congested, too dark with weird smell and definitely uncomfortable to stay long. It gave me a headache too!









I am grateful that the weather was so great on that Saturday. We had a short stroll at Orchard Road before going back with the last ferry to Bintan.

Sunday was the independence day of Indonesia. We celebrated it at a food court in the neighborhood where little A performed a song with his classmate from preschool. It was a bit chaotic but overall was great experience.


What did you do this weekend?

Surviving Summer in Style

August is the time when summer is in full swing. Here, every day (except yesterday) is a sunny day. The sun shines brightly, the sky is blue, clouds are cotton-white and even the breeze feels hotter than usual.

An islander now, I am okay with the beaming sun though I try to keep myself in door as much as I can :D Yes, stay indoor is probably the most effective way to survive the UV light but definitely the least stylish one. Wanna know about surviving summer in style? Keep on reading!

Summer swings


Printed Dress

Probably summer dress won’t give your skin total protection but it surely can melt the heart of people who look at you. Instead of wearing just one bright color, go bold by picking up that yellow-red-orange-green colored dress you saw the other day.

Floppy Hat

My favorite hat has been always the floppy one. It just fits my round face perfectly and it protects my skin stylishly. That feeling of being like a princess…

Comfy Flats

Strolling on the beach would be totally awesome with a pair of comfy flats. Flip flops are probably the best way to dress down your feet during summer but why dress down when you can dress up even at the beach?


SPF45! I like lotion better than the spray one.


If Rihanna used ‘umbrella’ for a spark of fame women in some Asian countries, including Indonesia and Singapore, use umbrella for a spark of skin protection in all season; wet & dry. I used to be one of that “Miss Umbrellas” but these days, I think hats and sunblock are sufficient enough to protect my skin.


What’s summer like without a pair of gorgeous sunglasses? It’s like being naked outside on a snowy day.


Sushi & Ramen Feast at Tomo Ramen

Craving for sushi is painful when you stay in one of the most secluded part of a small island like I do. Fortunately down town, with only an hour drive from our pad, there is this quite popular hawker style Japanese food stall named Tomo Ramen.

It is located right in Potong Lembu street, a very modest two story building with a touch of Japanese in its lanterns, Kimono and paper fan displays. People said the owner used to stay in a ramen stall in Japan. When he returned to Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, he decided to open his own food stall serving what he knew best: sushi and ramen.




Their ramen noodle is home made, just perfectly blent with the ramen soup of which level of spiciness is number. I had tried level 3 and 5; according to a waiter to whom I asked what level 10 would taste like, some people who were very bold on trying the level 10 had ended up in tummy ache or hitting a jack pot a.k.a. threw up because their body couldn’t take such spicy.

Btw, on my first visit I finished two portions of Izumi Roll!


If you happen to be in Bintan Island and go to Tanjung Pinang, make sure you stop by at Tomo Ramen. For me it’s definitely a lovely change to daily intake of seafoods and chinese foods.

Weekend Delight

Weekend has been very busy for me. K and A was coming back home from nearly 2 months extended summer break at my mom’s house. We had been very lazy, but now since the two rascals were coming we  needed to prepare the pad for them. So Saturday was filled with a lot of scrubs and brushes, vacuums and mops, and more importantly..ironing the mounted clean laundry!


The mayhem surrounded the house with us – me and J – working our ass to get things done would have made some perfect pictures to share, if only my instagram app didn’t die on me. Fortunately twitter was on it’s best behavior. Probably because on that Saturday I had my 4th twitterversary. So I spent my weekend on twitter instead.

weekend twitter

Before going to the airport to pick up the kids, who came with my mom, we had lunch together with a mutual friend. I have been avoiding high carbo lately, not in good term with rice, so my choice was the glass noodle with some veggies and chicken.

After lunch we did some shopping using our Eid voucher (IDR 500,000 approx USD 45), got some stuff for the house and the kids.

They came with the last flight. The sun has set long before they finally showed at the arrival gate, running excitedly toward me. Little A was the first to come followed by K while my mom was dealing with their luggages.

Here’s the rest of weekend we spent…

blue sky






How did you spend your weekend?

Share the link with me on the comment field below if you have posted about it. I would really love to hear about it!

Weekend on Instagram: August Week 1

This weekend I am very proud of myself. I did quite few things that are normally out of my mind. Like other “normal” people do, I captured them on my instagram (please follow me there if you haven’t).

instagram weekend

Started on Friday night when we just got back from having a feast of sushi and ramen in Tanjung Pinang. We reached home at around 10 pm and suddenly the rush filled me in. It has been a week I had this feeling of being bored about our living room. Something has to change. I really needed to change at least the layout.

That night, with a belly full of Izumi Rolls I worked it out. All by myself!

Our home is not really big and fancy. It’s just a small apartment with two bedrooms. I swapped the living room position with the dining room; pushed the TV buffet to the other side, pulled the coffee table across the room, carried the four dining chairs to the other corner and with a little more squeezing on muscles I did it all. J was in a deep sleep as I was doing all the work (boy he was so surprised when woke up in the morning and walked into the living room). I looked at the clock, it was passed midnight.

In the next morning, my adrenaline rush was still flowing. So I cleaned up…like seriously cleaned up (scrub, broom – this time I didn’t use my vacuum, mop and dish wash). Then I invited my friend to come over. J had already gone to his office when she came at noon. We got total crafty.

I had bought acrylic paint and had started my DIY project. Then we went out to buy some colorful nail polishes and started to do our nails. We call it summer candy color (this nail art thingy continued the next day).

Did you spot my all new favorite Bulnak in one of the images?

It’s a super spicy Korean noodle; a super-duper-schmooper-spicy noodle! If you are not a fan of chili or you have a sensitive tummy, don’t even dare to try this. I am warning you.

Sunday was colorful. I had chicken porridge and a cup of coffee for breakfast and then continued the nail art project. Oh we also checked the new snack and coffee stall nearby; I bought a bag of dragon fruit crisps. Taste? Damn good!

How’s your weekend?

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