Top 20 Overwhelming Questions Your Kids Can Shoot You With

When K was at very young age (probably just passed 2 yrso) he once peed on the sofa. I told him “next time please don’t pee over here!”. And he, with his innocent eyes, walked to the other side of the sofa and asked seriously “here can mommy?”.


Now he’s 6 and his list of overwhelming questions are growing unstoppable to which I occasionally give totally random answer (ha ha..I know, don’t judge and don’t try this at home okay!!). So I am listing down to at least top 20 overwhelming questions that he loves to shoot me with wherever whenever:

1. Mommy, why motorbikes don’t have a top? why cars have?

2. Why motorbikes don’t have wipers?

3. Why cars need wipers?

4. What happen if a car doesn’t have wipers?

5. Why you need to use wipers when it rains? does airplane have wipers?

6. Why there are houses down there?

7. What’s souvenir?

8. Why is that boy walking on the street?

9. Did he ask his mommy before leaving?

10. Did his mommy allow him to walk alone?

11. Where are they going with the bike?

12. Why they ride a bike on a busy street?

13. Do you think their mommy will scold them for riding a bike on a busy street?

14. Why spiderman wears a mask?

15. Why superman doesn’t wear a mask?

16. Why you always know everything?

17. Do  you know my friend’s house?

18. Why is that man naked?

19. Why are you wearing diaper? (he saw me placing a woman pad on my undies)

20. Why you have boobs?

Add on to my list your kids’ overwhelming questions, let me feel good to know that I am not the only one who’s overwhelmed by these series of never-ending questions.

CuteCoconut Kids: A Little Blue Tie

I remember on Wednesday I was so distressed because it was only Wednesday! Works this week have been madness and overwhelming, and then Friday didn’t give me a pretty good closure as well. But hey, at least weekend is here. A two days luxury that I have to totally embrace. Like little A in the morning who picked up his style in no hesitation. This time I didn’t complaint. I just took some photos :D

Old shirt, Guess jeans, school blue tie

Old shirt, Guess jeans, school blue tie

Your kids got some style too? share with me on instagram and tag #cutecoconutkids


Lunch Box Notes

It’s always a chaotic morning in my house from Monday to Friday. I am not an early person, so waking up too early is a hard work for me. Not to mention that I need to prepare the breakfast for every body and also the kids’ lunch box.

I try to do the simplest and easiest possible for the lunch box but it surely has to be healthy. I am thinking, with not so glamorous meal inside a lunch box sweet note can make up for it :D

If you want, I can send you the ready-to-print file…just drop your email on the comment below!

Love tomatoes

Specially made


To Puddle Jumpers

We stay in a tropical country where there are only two seasons: Dry and Wet. When you all have snow and cold weather, here we have rains. The kids are definitely one of the eager puddle jumpers. Well, on second thought, I think all kids are skillful puddle jumpers aren’t they? ;)


Puddle Jumpers


I just start with my #cutecoconutkids series and I am preparing for a wet season collection. If you are a clothing line owner who is interested to participate, drop me a line okay?!

Not an owner? Share image of your kids in their favorite winter/rainy season outfit on twitter or instagram and tag #CCPuddleJumpers , it’s gonna be fun!!

My Favorite Easy Recipe: Spinach Aglio Olio

I am so much into spinah lately: spinach salad, spinach omelette.. and the latest, Spinach Aglio Olio.

Tomatoes, chopped green chili, minced garlic, dry chili, chicken frankfurters, spinach

Tomatoes, chopped green chili, minced garlic, dry chili, chicken frankfurters, spinach

With Olive oil, salt and pepper. Meet my Spinach Aglio Olio!

With Olive oil, salt and pepper. Meet my Spinach Aglio Olio!

If you have an interesting recipe with spinach and chicken, please share with me. You can shout on twitter too @realcutecoconut or on instagram @cutecoconut ^_^


With only being 1 year and 2 month apart K and little A has a very close relationship and people use to think that they were twins. Yeap, even though they really don’t look alike! However with that gap they also fight a lot. It’s like an ongoing orchestra at home where every five minute someone will cry or someone will scream. Peacefulness is luxury but when it happens it’s a wonderful feeling and have to be captured.


Featuring: GAP hoodie, MAX jeans, Kacel t’shirt, crocs

k n a1

K n a2



K: GAP hoodie, unbranded t’shirt, Pierre Cardin short, superman flip flop

Little A: Kacel t’shirt, MAX jeans, unbranded sandal - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin

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