Lunch Box Notes

It’s always a chaotic morning in my house from Monday to Friday. I am not an early person, so waking up too early is a hard work for me. Not to mention that I need to prepare the breakfast for every body and also the kids’ lunch box.

I try to do the simplest and easiest possible for the lunch box but it surely has to be healthy. I am thinking, with not so glamorous meal inside a lunch box sweet note can make up for it :D

If you want, I can send you the ready-to-print file…just drop your email on the comment below!

Love tomatoes

Specially made


To Puddle Jumpers

We stay in a tropical country where there are only two seasons: Dry and Wet. When you all have snow and cold weather, here we have rains. The kids are definitely one of the eager puddle jumpers. Well, on second thought, I think all kids are skillful puddle jumpers aren’t they? ;)


Puddle Jumpers


I just start with my #cutecoconutkids series and I am preparing for a wet season collection. If you are a clothing line owner who is interested to participate, drop me a line okay?!

Not an owner? Share image of your kids in their favorite winter/rainy season outfit on twitter or instagram and tag #CCPuddleJumpers , it’s gonna be fun!!

My Favorite Easy Recipe: Spinach Aglio Olio

I am so much into spinah lately: spinach salad, spinach omelette.. and the latest, Spinach Aglio Olio.

Tomatoes, chopped green chili, minced garlic, dry chili, chicken frankfurters, spinach

Tomatoes, chopped green chili, minced garlic, dry chili, chicken frankfurters, spinach

With Olive oil, salt and pepper. Meet my Spinach Aglio Olio!

With Olive oil, salt and pepper. Meet my Spinach Aglio Olio!

If you have an interesting recipe with spinach and chicken, please share with me. You can shout on twitter too @realcutecoconut or on instagram @cutecoconut ^_^


With only being 1 year and 2 month apart K and little A has a very close relationship and people use to think that they were twins. Yeap, even though they really don’t look alike! However with that gap they also fight a lot. It’s like an ongoing orchestra at home where every five minute someone will cry or someone will scream. Peacefulness is luxury but when it happens it’s a wonderful feeling and have to be captured.


Featuring: GAP hoodie, MAX jeans, Kacel t’shirt, crocs

k n a1

K n a2



K: GAP hoodie, unbranded t’shirt, Pierre Cardin short, superman flip flop

Little A: Kacel t’shirt, MAX jeans, unbranded sandal

The Ultimate Reason Why You Should be Nice to Your Colleagues

When I was a little I had a classmate who sat right next to me and wouldn’t stop bugging me. We used to fight a lot. Hit each other’s back; stabbed pencil on each other’s arm; and more. We would tell our teacher in turn who did what first until one day, our teacher had it enough she firmly told us “be nice to each other! you could probably marry each other in the future!”. Honestly I didn’t really understand what marriage was then but I knew I wouldn’t want to have that with him. So the fighting stopped.

That episode still plays in my head, especially when someone pushes my button and I feel like turning into a nightmare for that person.

pin bitch1

I know being nice sometimes is almost impossible. Not everyone is nice to you and there would be time when despite your nice-ness they just don’t give it a damn. I have been there so many times. As matter of fact I can still recall who has done something bad to me; not that I am keeping a grudge…it’s just that I easily forgive but am not a forgetful.

Pin bitch2

This brings me to the ultimate reason why you should be nice to your colleagues.

Few weeks ago a close friend called me. She mentioned a name and asked “did you know her?”. Oh yes I did. She was an old colleague, one of the kind because I knew she was almost never being nice to me. She smirked not smiled and many times tried to put me down or put me in trouble. Who would know, fast forwarded to this day her career path could hang on me. That close friend of mine asked my opinion about this old colleague as she was applying a job to my friend’s workplace.

My evil side has showed up…by giving her my OPINION about the old colleague. But then my sanity took offer and I told her how she did professional wise. Last week, again I got called still being asked about this person. This time I redirected them to the right person who I thought would be giving fairer reference than myself. How nice right?

So, matter how pain in the ass your colleague is don’t pick up a fight and don’t try to be a least don’t let her know that you have been bitching about her behind her back (ha ha..) because in future you’ll never know. She would have been your boss or a person who opens/closes the gate to your future career.

Pin bitch3

Credit note: all photos are from Pinterest. Check them out on my board Cheers to Bitch!


Detox Water Without Mint Leaves

The good part of living in an island is that the air is fresh and life is felt simple. And fun. But when it comes to make my own detox water, it becomes less fun. I always think that mint leaves is a factor that add freshness in a detox water. The cooling sense it creates as the water slides through your throat..soothing isn’t it?

Well this is a small island in Indonesia where mint leaves are rarely used on its dishes. Imagine my trouble to get at least an ounce for mine! So I surfed around the net and found some cool recipes for detox water without mint leaves.


Cucumber and Lemon water from


Strawberry, watermelon and rosemary make a lovely detox drink from

apple cinnamon

Apple and cinnamon from

Which is your favorite? Or do you have other recipe that doesn’t involve mint leaves? - free web fonts download. See this Wordpress fonts plugin

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