When a blogging block came up. What would you do?

When you are really stuck in a moment where you have zero time to pursue other things. What would you do?

I’d say: re-prioritize.

It’s not once or twice I came across bloggers who have been religiously blogging and suddenly stop to look back and realize that they have made not quite right decision. And then..they re-arrange their prioritize.

So did I.


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I can’t tell you how much I miss my blog. But one after another lead to one thing, I had to rest my eyes a bit more as my work takes up too much load on computer usage.

A lot of things had happened for the past weeks. The kids have been with my mom for almost a month now. They are happily spending an extended summer holiday..yeap been skipping school for two weeks and will only be back after Eid holiday on the first week of August.

Day after tomorrow J and I are going to Jakarta to see them.

Two weeks ago I finally met Ai from SakuraHaruka. In person! I remember long back ago (I couldn’t even find that posting) I wrote about bloggers I want to meet in person and Ai was in that list. I am truly happy!

Little Pumpkin was super adorable beyond words! She was really keen on taking pictures and was not in a mood of getting herself photographed. However she listened to her mom and dad and posed with me (I know..I know..but I really wanted to be photographed with her :D …).

Meeting with Ai sort of lit on my blogging fire again.

Yes I am here. Let’s reconnect!

If you’re looking for something awesome for your kids’ festive gifts, make sure you come back tomorrow as I will share with you about these crafts from Meadow Kids.

The Moms and The Singles

Apparently there is this so called opinion among the singles that hangout with moms is no fun. Am I right or am I wrong?

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Image courtesy: Pinterest

I think you single ladies can answer that question better. An enlightenment came from one of my single friends who had made a confession to me that part of her was hesitant to make friends with moms. Thankfully I could break her hesitation because in the end whenever I hangout with my girlfriends I want to have some fun, it’s a privilege of having a me time moment, for sure once or twice there will be a mention about the kids or the husband but it won’t dominate the whole conversation. I am sure you, moms, are with me in this.

It is really a matter of placing everything into perspective. There should be certain boundaries that we need to respect when we hangout with the singles because let’s face it, there’s a reason why they are being singles and one of those reasons is probably because they are not interested in kids and marriage.

Have you ever been in a group of moms where each one of them raced to talk about their great kids, perfect husband and happy family? It’s always like a competition. Maybe some of us are so used to that kind of talk that the habit is carried on even when we talk with other people (the non-moms).

Now tell me, do you think the moms and the singles can actually make good friends?

Smart Play with Funny Faces & Bath Stickers Silly Faces From Meadow Kids

I have had eye break down for the past two weeks. Somehow every time I spent too much time on the computer I got dizzy and my head spun like I were having sea sickness. It had gotten so bad I decided to minimize my computer/laptop/mobile phone use, only focusing on my work and that was it. But really I couldn’t just turn my back on my love of blogging. For the same reason I have been delaying my story about these awesome Funny Faces and Bath Stickers Silly Faces from Meadow Kids.

Last week the sample finally arrived. I was actually expecting it to come for another two weeks. It was Saturday and we have just got back from the market. The boys had bought new toys and was playing with it when the package came. Within seconds they completely ignored the new toys and were so happy unwrapping.

Two items came in, one was Funny Faces and the other one was Bath Stickers Silly Faces. Both are puzzles that allow your kid create facial expressions with the pieces. The Funny Faces came in a box, with a circus theme and a magnetic board attached so the faces can be arranged on it. A booklet with different facial expressions was provided to guide your kid. The boys really had a great time playing with it over and over and over again. My two boys are under 6 years old with only one year apart hence a fight over toys is a regular thing in the house but the magnetic Funny Faces is so smartly designed it could be played together. I barely heard them fight over it. Instead they were always sitting side by side creating funny (sometimes weird) facial expressions with the puzzle.




The Bath Stickers Silly Faces sticks on the bathroom wall or the bath tub. You just need to use water as the “glue” and the pieces can be rearranged easily. Even I like playing with it while taking a shower (oops, don’t tell anyone okay!).


Oh, and my kids even loved to use their own face to play with these puzzle :)


Meadow Kids produces toys, books, bath plays and craft that are all designed to enhance family interaction and stimulate cognitive development. The production takes place in the UK with compliance to safety regulation of EU and US.

If you want to learn more about this you can go to their webpage or follow their Facebook HERE.


Disclosure: Two product samples were provided to me for this review purpose but all opinions are 100% mine. This is a level 1 review, please visit my Disclosure page for further information.


50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-section (book review)

Moms, did you remember how it was on your first pregnancy? I know I did. I remember feeling so excited about it that I gathered every mom I knew just to hear their side of story about how delivery was. Almost everyone I spoke to told me the amazing thing, how the struggle was, how the pain was, but as far as I remembered everyone’s face was glowing in happiness as they were telling me the story. It made me wonder that how much painful it was it must be a joyous experience as well. Hence I waited for my turn excitedly.

This is little A when he was just out of my womb

This is little A when he was just out of my womb

Of course, you would know very well that going on labor was no wonderland. I have read a lot of books, including the hypnobirthing method, swear none had worked. I really wished back in time Pamela Peery has had come up with her awesome book, the 50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-section (POP), because every tip written sounds so normal yet most new mom would have overlooked.

There is almost zero medical term in this book (well epidural…one..hmm..) but anyway reading this is like you were talking to your mom friends when every one of them took turn to tell you about their experience and then every one chipped in some tips to help you get by the unforeseen experience of laboring day.

No lengthy paragraph that can make you fall asleep. The tips are very straight forwards, grant, if not all you will at least giving a nod of approval on some. Because I did :)

My favorite part? Page 109, a story from Vicky when she came to the hospital because her water broke and the nurse asked what was the weighed of her pad (apparently you need to soak your water in a pad and scale it – lol), and there are many more interesting stories like this one.

In my first labor I didn’t get epidural, imagine the excruciating pain I had to endure for almost 11 hours. Not to mention that K was stuck on 8cm for 2 hours. One of the sections in 50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-section is talking about Women Not Getting Epidural. I really wished this book was already in store then…seriously!

Pamela Peery spent quite few years to finish this book project, I must say it worths every second.

If you are a new mom this book is something I would recommend you to gift to yourself. If you know someone is going to be a new mom soon, buy this as a gift because everything here is so light, easy to digest, informative and at the same time very fun to read.

The book will come out on 6th May this year, so be happy you are amongst the people who get the first scoop of sneak peek of it. Click here to buy the book on Amazon.


Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of the book for this review purpose. All opinions are 100% mine. No other compensation was given. Hence this post falls on level 1. See my Disclosure Page to learn more.

Picnic Day Must Haves

Been a productive day so far. Did unpacking and managed to get rid of those ugly boxes to make some space at our little home. Too bad I didn’t take the before picture but please be sure they were totally messy. Of course after such accomplishment I am thinking to do something relaxing. We are very close to the beach so doing a little afternoon picnic at the beach doesn’t sound bad at all.

The sky has turned cloudy just now and J has checked the weather forecast, it said it was going to rain. much for a picnic! However, despite big possibility that our picnic is not going to happen due to rain I am still planning it in my mind. These are my ideas on picnic must haves:

- Comfortable clothes, laid back style, - Comfy shoes, flats is okay, - Sandwiches , - Fruit Salad, - Cupcakes!, - Cookies, - Lemonade

picnic day


Can you think of something more?

The Reset Button in Life

Did you believe that in this life there is never be a reset button? that there is always a consequence in whatever you do and whatever done can’t be undone? Well I personally believe that some things are undone and yes regret can come too late but I also believe that every one of us is privileged with a reset button that we can press any time we want.

I guess the right question is whether we are brave enough to press it.

Found this button on

Found this button on

I met a colleague recently. Actually she was a new colleague from work and she has recently resigned from the career that has helped her building her identity. She said she had come to a point where she felt enough was enough, she needed a break. It is indeed a very well-deserved break. She has pressed her reset button and there is no going back.

Talking about reset button I think I have pressed mine once. Once when I decided to quit from my career and turned into full time mom. It wasn’t easy I must tell you from one with a name card, own office and own paycheck to someone that was only recognized by the husband’s name or the kids’ name. But it was a perfectly right journey because it has led me to a different career path afterwards.

Pressing your own reset button is scary. It means a lot of changes…big ones and you have to be ready first to face all that. At times the changes can become a little too overwhelming. But if you are confident and courageous enough to do it, there should be a beautiful path that lies behind that button.

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